Training and Research

We are able to offer a wide range of training to professionals and members of the public on a number of
topics. Contact us directly to discuss what we can do for you and check our “News & Downloads” page for announcements and flyers for training courses. The following list provides an indication of the training which we can provide for individuals and professionals:

How to write appropriate questions for experts

Failure to formulate the most appropriate questions for Experts carrying out assessments can mean
that the necessary information to make key decisions is not available or that time and money is wasted on
assessing non-relevant information. Through our many years of experience of working through
Letters of Instructions we are able to provide professionals responsible for instructing Experts with vital
pointers and guidelines to help ensure that the key pieces of information can be assessed by Experts as
efficiently as possible.

Training for professionals working with vulnerable populations

It is vital for professional dealing with vulnerable populations, such as those with Learning Disabilities,
those on the Autistic Spectrum, with Mental Health issues or issues of Drugs and substance abuse, to
ensure that understanding is maintained and that issues are dealt with appropriately and sympathetically.
We can help direct professionals to recognise cues and pointers which indicate issues and to present
information so that it can be processed and understood.

How to Manage Contact Sessions

We can help contact supervisors to understand the best ways to facilitate contact sessions between
parents/carers and children, how to manage challenging behaviours, what signs to look out for and what
key information to record in contact notes to ensure these are relevant and useful for subsequent analyses.

How to Manage Groups

We can help managers and participants get the most out of working with groups through understanding
how group dynamics work and ensuring that all the parts fit together as efficiently as possible.

Parenting Training

We can providing training for individuals or groups to help improve the attunement and responsiveness
of their parenting.

Dealing with Challenging Behaviour

For anyone dealing with those who might exhibit challenging behaviours we are able to deliver key
pointers and techniques to avoid confrontation, identify potential risks and diffuse difficult situations.

Training on the principles of Attachment

This training is targeted at professionals and carers dealing with families. Our Psychologists are trained
and experienced in issues of Attachment and are able to impart key information to professionals so they
can recognise important factors in the relationships of parents and children within their care or supervision.


Our Psychologists have a strong pedigree in Research activity. The Psychology Clinic of East Anglia is
currently undertaking work in the following areas of research:

  • The utility of narrative stems in childhood trauma assessment and the interaction between neurochemical/ph changes and psychological risk factors in childhood trauma experience. In collaboration with the University of Roehampton
  • Psychological therapies for people with learning disabilities. We would always be happy to consider involvement in further research projects. Please contact us via to discuss any proposals.