Additional Services

In addition to standard assessment and intervention services we are able to offer many additional services
tailored to your specific needs, ranging from multi-disciplinary, targeted interventions for at risk groups,
to packets of Clinical Management services. We set out a flavour of what we can offer below but please
contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Alternatives to care / Edge of care

We can offer a wide range of assessment, intervention and clinical management services for families
identified as being at risk of entering the care system. We already work with a number of Local Authorities
across the East of England, helping to keep at risk families together safely.

Targeted Services

We are developing a set of targeted interventions with multi-dimensional approaches to help specific groups. These interventions, combining assessment with group and individual work over time, are being developed in the light of evidence identifying the considerable cost of keeping children in residential care and the potential value of targeted work which increases the likelihood of children being able to stay in or return to the home environment.

Some of the groups we have identified are set out below. We are always keen to hear from Local Authority
agencies and commissioning teams to identify referral pathways and funding in order to implement
targeted services for these or other at risk groups.

  • Psychological intervention for Young Mothers
  • Psychological intervention for Mothers of children recently taken into care
  • Psychological Intervention for children who sexually abuse others
  • Psychological Intervention for parents of children who exhibit challenging behaviours
  • Psychological intervention for parents of children with Learning Disabilities
  • Psychological intervention for parents with Learning Disabilities
  • Psychological intervention for parents of children with Autistic spectrum disorders

Further information is available separately describing these targeted intervention projects in more detail,
including our fees with regards to each project.

Clinical Management & Supervision

Our clinical directors have considerable experience, both through their NHS careers and their private
ventures, in managing and supervising clinical input across multi-dimensional teams for complex cases.
This experience means we can offer clinical management services ranging from the supervision of individual
therapists to the management and coordination of multidimensional teams responsible for the delivery of
complex services.

Please contact us to discuss how you can purchase these services for your team or project.

Consultations and training for adopters and foster parents

We can offer advice, consultations and training to adopters and foster parents who are caring for, or
considering caring for, children with complex needs.